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cost to tile a shower

Consider using ceramic or porcelain tiles in the shower — both are more durable and absorb moisture well. Add-ons will increase the price. Includes on site setup, site preparation, job completion, trash removal and work area cleanup. You will also want to consider that cost of installing shower tile. Complicated installation. The average cost falls on $1,000 to $1,500. This may sound less like how to build a shower and more like how to destroy … When it comes to labour, the price will depend on the experience of the tiler, the size of the company and your location, with prices in London tending to be higher. The pricing of tiles varies depending on the size, quality, and the total square meters of the bathroom. While installing new tiles in your shower is no small task, it's often a key part of remodeling a bathroom. Beyond pure labor costs, the biggest factor in your cost to install shower tile during your bathroom remodeling is tile material. Some various finishes can scratch or wear off over time, leading to a maintenance call. If your tub is bigger than standard — or (assuming you're adding wall tiles), your walls are particularly tall — you'll spend slightly more on both your tiles and installation. According to our research, the average shower is 90 to 100 square feet, and most homeowners paid anywhere between $1,000 to $2,100 to have their shower tiled. NOTE:  These are the prices for materials only. You'll need to account for wall tiles and flooring, if you have a shower with no tub. This price also won’t include the shower door. The cost to tile a shower will depend on the type of tile being used, the contractor performing the job, the design of the shower, the size of the shower and geographical location. Check pro availability and book appointments right in the app. Ask about packages. Before you do, talk to your contractor about how much to buy for installation. Some designs may require buying additional, special tiles, like bullnose tiles. He broke down the cost as $500 on porcelain floor tile, $900 on porcelain shower tile, $1,800 on accent tiles on the walls and shower floors and $3,600 on marble for the vanity top, shower accents and threshold. Upgrading the pipes and fixtures can cost $400 to $600 more, depending on the fixtures and piping used. Showers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and when paired with the number of tile options on the market, it means a wide range of costs. Cost To Tile A Shower. While most contractors factor this into the per-square-foot price, you may wind up paying extra if it ends up taking longer, and they need to account for additional labor costs. The cost for a typical small bathroom remodel will range from about $4,000 to $12,000 with the average cost being about $8,000. Tiling the walls of an average-sized bathroom (10-12m2) costs anywhere from $2,400 to even $24,000. Shower Tile Installation Costs The cost of installing shower tile will depend on: Tile removal. According to our research, the average shower is 90 to 100 square feet, and most homeowners paid anywhere between $1,000 to $2,100 to have their shower tiled. Otherwise, you may end up in trouble when you try to sell. Labor. One member on Do It Yourself, for instance, talked about what he would charge as a contractor. Depending on the factors mentioned above, the average tiled shower, with no complex designs, can cost about $11 to $20 per square foot to just install the tile, not demolish an existing shower setup. The cost to retile a bathroom ranges between $1,000 and $10,000. Bullnose tiles are rounded and often needed for trim. That's because your standard combination bathtub and shower is about 60 inches long and 30 or 32 inches wide. After removal, if the drywall were damaged, then this could be an additional $100 to $200 to replace. The total cost for a new shower surround should average $1,200 to $2,000. If you want to buy the tiles yourself, that's okay! This way, homeowners can make sure you get the best possible price for the type of tile you want. Unlike other materials, tile is designed to resist water, fading, scratches and wet areas in general. Browse profiles, see prices and use filters to find pros who match your project. It will take most professionals about one to two days to install shower tile in your bathroom. to surround your shower with properly-fitted tile will set you back about $2,000 on average Ceramic tile shower: 10 sq.ft. talked about what he would charge as a contractor. 54 sq ft. $142.00. When hiring a contractor, it’s best to get at least three to five quotes to make sure you’re getting the best deal in your town. - 100 sq.ft. As we talk about below, there’s a good chance something has to be removed ahead of time. A bathtub liner costs between $150-$250. The national average cost to tile a shower is between $547 - $1,901 depending its size. Any contractor or subcontractor who works on your house should be bonded, licensed, and insured properly according to state and local standards. The average cost to retile a shower is $12.50 per square foot, and the homeowner can expect to pay between $1,000-$3,000 for tiling to cover the shower floors and walls. They'll then press the tile into the mortar and use spacers to hold them in place. Shower tile can last up to 10 years or longer as long it’s maintained and cleaned. Whether you are in the process of building a new bathroom or simply, remodeling your bathroom, you may be wondering about the cost to tile a shower or the retile shower price. The same tub replacement kit will cost approximately $2,190 for pro installation from a contractor near you. Capable of being completed in just a few days’ time, it does come with a wide range of costs based on such factors as the type of tile chosen, the size of the shower, whether or not the right materials are in place (such as cement backer board), and the complexity of the pattern selected. The next thing you need to do is gut your shower stall. (Sorry!) While less of a concern for your shower walls, you definitely want a slip-resistant tile for your flooring. What kind of design are talking about? As you can see in our table above, the tile, aside from the professional labor, will be the most expensive part of tiling a shower. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Nevertheless, the average material costs for shower tiles are: Lowest Cost: $0.50 per square foot of ceramic tile; Highest Cost: $84 per square foot of Kohler glazed porcelain accent tile While there are other options available, we found these to be the most common materials u… Once the wall and floors are prepared to be tiled, your contractor will then start installation. Cost To Install Tile Shower The average cost to install tile in a shower ranges from $7 to $25 per square foot with most homeowners spending $270 to $780 for glazed ceramic, and from $499 to $1,440 for porcelain tiling. Cement is also a good option for tile flooring since it's not slippery. Another optional service may involve glazing unglazed ceramic tiles. Depending on the door you’re looking to purchase, it could be as little as $100 for a basic Plexiglass unit to as much as $3,000+ for a solid glass door with a stainless steel frame. Insurance can help protect you if your home gets damaged during construction or workers are hurt on site. Ceramic Tile Shower Prices Removing the existing tile from walls, ceiling and floors with a utility knife, or by hammering a putty knife around the grout lines. Here are factors that influence the cost of tiling a floor and some examples of specific prices for you to consider: Type of Tile – Ceramic, Porcelain, or Natural Stone The type of tile is the number one … For instance, if you needed a new vanity, you could combine these projects to bring the costs down. Since it consuming, most contractors who agree to the job will often have a daily minimum, regardless of how much work needs to be done. Includes on site setup, site preparation, job completion, trash removal and work area cleanup. More involve patterns, usually those of a diagonal or complex design, can add 10 to 20 percent more to the estimate mentioned above. Tile for the shower comes in an infinite range of materials, styles and colors. The total cost of your bathroom wall tiling may vary dramatically and includes the chosen wall tiles, which cost from $20 to $86 per square metre, as well as your tiler’s labour rate … If you don’t know where to turn, consider using to receive multiple quotes in your area. Repairs and surface preparation will add to the time and labor costs. To complete this step, you'll need to buy thinset mortar and grout. Whether it’s the shower shell or existing tile, this labor-intensive job will be an additional cost on top of the labor and material costs. If your upgraded design includes luxury tiles — even just a few — that will cost more, too. Below is a breakdown of the national average cost to tile a shower by square foot: The size of your shower isn't the only impact on cost for this common remodeling project. Trying to figure out if a ceramic tile will cost you less than a porcelain one can be overwhelming. Installing new tile in a bathroom is a little more complicated than that. This membrane will waterproof the backer board, other parts of the shower and can cost an extra $100 to $175 to install. Disadvantages Heavy to manoeuvre. A shower and tub combination can be remodeled by simply adding a new liner over the current tub. The average cost to install tile flooring is $10 to $15 per square foot. This sealant will help protect the tile and will cost about $100 or so. As for labor rates, add $11 to $20 per square foot to the price range mentioned above. Limestone, for instance, can cause algae problems, while granite tiles are known to stain easier. Once your tiles are installed, you'll need to regrout your shower. Before you hire a tile installer to help, get an estimate on how much your tiling job will cost. Includes basic coverage quantities and typical overage. It’s often sold by the box and priced by the square foot with sizes ranging from 4” squares to larger format tiles in the 24” x 12” range. Search local shower and bathtub specialists and check prices. A new shower base, if you want to install a new one, can cost $400 to $900 to install. Unless you're starting with a brand-new, just-drywalled bathroom, your pro will need to do some tile removal before you can start installation. As for materials, the cost will heavily depend upon the type you’re using. The average cost to install tile a shower or bathroom walls ranges from $7 to $25 per square foot. Hiring a bonded contractor can help protect you if the contractor fails to pay workers, doesn't pay for permits, or doesn't finish the work. Based on the prices and price factors, here are common ranges for typical shower tile installation costs: Simple: Stall shower or standard tub/shower combination with basic style and tile – About 90 square feet of tiled surface: $1,156 to $1,535 Moderate: Stall shower or tub/shower combo with a mixture of tile styles including large and small tiles – About 90 square feet: $1,687 to $2,195 tiling space. Ceramic tile, for example, will cost about $3 to $5 per square feet on average, while metal could be five times this amount. Pulling down your acrylic or fiberglass tub surround (a surround is a surface material that protects the area just above your tub). The cost of the tile itself for your shower or bathroom is going to be the main expense. Contact the pros you like to discuss project details. An older, crooked home may pose complications and increase your cost. That's because your standard combination bathtub and shower is about 60 inches long and 30 or 32 inches wide. $2,190, Installed The estimated cost to replace a bathtub and shower is around $975 for a 60″ fiberglass or acrylic resin kit with shower walls, new tub, and DIY installation. The cost to retile a bathroom or to tile a shower ranges from $700 to $3,000. The larger the tiles are, the quicker the job can be done, effectively lowering the costs. The size and condition of the surface area to be tiled; The size of the tiles themselves (smaller tiles cost more, larger tiles less) A general rule of thumb when it comes to square footage: the larger the project size, the lower the cost … Cost To Retile Bathroom. They will do this by spreading a thin layer of thinset on the wall, then scraping off any excess with a trowel. If your contractor purchases the tile for you, ask them about discounts: There's a good chance they can order tile at wholesale prices, and save you money on your total cost. Carter spent about $6,800 on tile and marble for the master bathroom remodel. For a small bathroom, tiles can cost between $525 to $900. Your contractor can help you decide the best tile for your bathroom. Ceramic Tile Costs If the areas to be tiled are smooth and even, it will cost less for the installation job. Changing shower or bathtub tile has the power to transform your bathroom's entire look and feel. The demolition and disposal of the any existing tile will increase the cost of your shower project. Ceramic tiles start at $0.50 per square foot. How much will your shower and bathtub installation or replacement cost? Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Copyright © 2020 | Proudly affiliated with the T2 Web Network, LLC The information contained on this website is intended as an educational aid only and is not intended as medical and/or legal advice. Then, they'll repeat until all of the shower tile is installed. 0 Shower and Bathtub Specialists found near you! The cost of these materials: If wall tile must be installed adjacent to the floor, such as when there is a tiled lip on a step-in shower, most contractors will want to make sure the surrounding floor is in good condition. The average cost range for tiling a shower is between $1,000 and $5,000, with most people paying around $2,400 for a 3 x 4-foot shower with 8 … A new glass door, if you were to require one, would be yet another cost to consider. $511.67. The minimum cost to retile a bathroom shower is $150, even if you only need to replace a single tile. Excludes sales tax, delivery upcharges, and items not included in the description and notes. Cost to Install Tile. Where the tiles are installed (kitchen, bathroom, backyard, etc.) They will also add a new surround at this time. Tile is an excellent choice for countertops, walls, and the floor because of its water resistance and affordability. High cost: Custom tile showers are almost always more expensive than pre-fabricated shower units. Is it a relatively straightforward job with no angles, or are you looking for a diagonal or herringbone pattern? Laying tile in any design besides a plain grid will cost you extra. Labor intensive: When constructed with a custom tile shower pan, this is a difficult project for most DIYers and a lengthy, labor-intensive project for pros. Professional Tiling – 2020 Cost Comparison Table. The price to tile a shower averages about $20 to $30 per square foot, but depending on the … 1. $201.81. A moisture-resistant tile is a good necessary for all tile you use in your bathroom. If you want to install an inset (also called a niche), a built-in soap holder, or any other additional feature, expect your tile job to cost more. Some tiles, like a standard subway tile are inexpensive, and some, like high-quality stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles will cost more. The average cost to retile bathrooms is $12.50 per square foot. Bathroom Tile Installation Cost. Build the Shower. The cost to replace a singular tile may depend on the type of tile material, its availability, your contractor's hourly rate, and their minimum cost per job. Advantages Variety of styles. This is especially important for ordering your tile as you need to know how much it will cost to tile your shower. Installing 150 square feet of tile flooring often costs $1,300 to $2,500. According to some estimates, you can build a shower for just a few hundred dollars or spend thousands; again, there are many factors to consider when looking at the cost. He said he would charge $250 for the demo, $350 for the sheetrock, $100 for the waterproof membrane, $300 to set the four-inch curb, and $1,200 for the labor. Grout comes in a number of different colors, and different tile sizes will need different amounts of grout — which could increase your costs. For a medium bathroom, tiles can cost … Ultimately, rates per square metre can vary between £20 and £40 per square metre. But make sure your bank account can account for the additional cost before approving a complicated tile installation on your bathroom walls. The total project in question, for a three-by-five shower, would cost about $2,200, according to this estimates. The comparison table below has been put together to give you an idea of how much you might expect to pay if you were to hire a professional to complete the tiling job for you, with you supplying just the tiles. DIYers may choose a middle option: mating a fiberglass/acrylic shower pan with tile walls. Porcelain tiles can cost around £60-£90 per m². The cost to tile your shower will vary greatly as it depends on the size of your shower, the type of tile you use, the cost of materials needed, and other factors. These prices include professional installation. $196.94. Find the right shower and bathtub specialist for your project. Remember: Your tile installer will need to cut whole tile and pay extreme attention to precision to make sure your design comes out perfectly. Some contractors will offer discounts if you combine other services at the same time. Porcelain Tile Costs. Below is a rundown of different types of tiles commonly used in showers, bathrooms and around bathtubs, and what you can expect them to cost. The average range for a fully tiled shower, including the pan and three walls, is around $1,800 to $4,000, with most homeowners paying about $2,617 for the job. Retiling Shower Cost Factors You'll probably want to account for at least 10 percent overage. You may have seen fancy mosaic tile patterns on Pinterest that transform a boring back wall into a statement. - Huge selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, - Functional look (pro for some, con for others), - Economical; gives you the look of more expensive tiles at half the price, - Long lasting and easy to clean, even in a bathroom, - Durable, but not as strong as ceramic tile, - Highly prone to staining and difficult to install, - Porous, and will have to be sealed after installing. 54 sq ft. $145.50. The type of tile you choose, whether you need to remove old tile and any extra features you ask for will all factor into the cost of your tile installation. The national average cost to tile a shower is between $547 - $1,901 depending its size. After all, you don't want to add "get new tub liner" to your list of remodeling projects. To prepare the surface of your walls, ceiling and floors, your tile contractors will need to install a backer board (made of cement), waterproofing and a membrane to prevent cracks. The average cost to tile a shower varies greatly. As for materials, the cost will heavily depend upon the type you’re using. If your home is older, there may be additional complications. This is the case for most homeowners undergoing a bathroom remodel and re-tiling an existing space. Remodeling Costs for a Small Bathroom. After the final installation, you'll have to let the mortar dry for at least 24 hours, and won't be able to use your shower or bathtub during this time. Some contractors may be able to complete multiple jobs, like tiling, refinishing bathtubs or updating plumbing at the same time and for a lower rate. Standard shower sizes range from 36 x 36 inches to 36 x 38 inches. Ask if your contractor is willing to pull a permit. Typically, tiling a shower costs about $25 per square foot. Cost to Install Tile Shower Installing a new tile shower runs $1,800 to $6,850. While optional, a contractor may recommend a waterproof membrane be installed behind the shower before the tile is laid. Low maintenance. In addition to endless options of tile, your shower size greatly affects the total cost. 7.8 hrs. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you. When purchasing tile on your own, always purchase 10 to 20 percent more in case the other tile breaks or you come up short. Hard-wearing and durable. Before you decide on a local pro to help with your project, make sure you do the following: Make sure your contractor is licensed. Some showers, depending on the age, may need a waterproofing membrane, for instance, while another may need new drywall installed. Please read our disclosure policy for more info. Typically, tiling a shower costs about $25 per square foot. If the shower is older, a contractor may recommend updating the plumbing since the backing is now exposed. Many contractors will base their estimate on the square footage of the project. Granted, not all towns and municipalities require a permit for tiling jobs, but if yours does, you'll want to make sure things are done properly. If you're remodeling your entire bathroom, you can also ask about packages. The average 5 ft. x 8 ft. bathroom costs approximately $1,000-$1,500 to demo and install new floor tile and tub surround. Refer to our table below to see what the average materials would cost for your shower. What you can expect to spend on a tiling a shower will mostly depend on the square footage of the shower you need tiled. Shower size. You can't just stick tiles on drywall and hope for the best. Contractors aren’t exactly cheap, but the material you use can run anywhere between $0.80 to well over $20 per tile. They will lay full tiles on the walls and floors but they may also have to cut tile to fit odd areas, like a small space above the edge of the tub or corners. The chart below will give you an idea of what to expect from certain styles and types of tile. Your geographical area will play a large influence on the costs, along with the contractor’s demand and experience. A stand-up shower needs twice as much tile, which will add on another $2,000-$3,000. For a standard tub that needs six to eight feet of tile, you would spend $2,000. Excludes sales tax, delivery upcharges, and items not included in the description and notes. Unlike a standard ceramic shower, a tile shower can be a great focal point, adding a lot of decor to any sized bathroom. Even so, most homeowners will opt for a glazed ceramic or porcelain tile for their shower, bathroom or bathtub tile since they are less slippery than other types of tile. Installing tiling and a new tub (or just getting a bathtub refinishing) at the same time might be a good money- and time-saver. The cost of replacing bathroom tiles depends on two factors: the cost of tiles and the cost of the tiler. Does the contractor need to remove any tile? If you plan to keep your current tub, or want to replace it and sell the old one, your pro should lay down a protective sheet to make sure none of the broken tiles fall and chip or damage your bathtub. Select StateAlaskaAlabamaArkansasArizonaCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDistrict of ColumbiaDelawareFloridaGeorgiaHawaiiIowaIdahoIllinoisIndianaKansasKentuckyLouisianaMassachusettsMarylandMaineMichiganMinnesotaMissouriMississippiMontanaNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaNebraskaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNevadaNew YorkOhioOklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaPuerto RicoRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeTexasUtahVirginiaVermontWashingtonWisconsinWest VirginiaWyoming. If you only need to replace the wall and floor materials, the cost to retile a shower ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. A good estimate to make would be $25 per square foot, but this also varies on material choice, Shower tile installation cost for the average shower size is usually around $2,000. If you do it on your own, then it will be the most expensive part of the job. If the older tiles need to be removed, plan on spending $200 to $450 for the average-sized shower. 7.8 hrs. It's unwise to neglect broken tiles because they let moisture seep beneath the surface. New tiles aren't the only materials you'll need to account for in your overall budget. But bathroom tiles can be made from porcelain, ceramic, natural stone or glass. Shower and Bathtub Installation or Replacement. Labor. The cost to tile a walk-in shower with 84 SF of walls ranges from $546 to $2,100 depending on what type of material you select. For tile shower installation, you're probably looking at a minimum cost of at least $1,500, although intricate, labor-heavy designs and add-ons (such as new faucets and a tub) could easy bring the price up to $5,000 or more. The shower walls can also be fitted with liner at a cost of about $120. For a standard tub that needs six to eight feet of tile, you would spend $2,000. Includes basic coverage quantities and typical overage. Let’s look at how the costs breakout starting with the most basic remodel including a new toilet, shower, vanity & sink and tile.

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