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best youth big barrel bats 2019

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best youth big barrel bats 2019

They upgrade their traditional single piece Rawlings VELO into a two-piece composite with a huge barrel and a great feel. Marucci has a new USSSA bat called the CAT 9 Connect. They are pretty cheap right now as well, you can pick them up here on Amazon! My guess is he’ll be fine with a 31 and he’s used to that in terms of relativity to the plate. Of course, if you’re already swinging the 32, then that won’t work. It’s one of the cheapest options and it packs quite a heavy punch. Our experience with 8U bats is that the brand and model rarely matter. Reviews of last year’s model were not stellar due to some durability issues on some early releases. The technology in the knob to help dampen sting is still there. Super powerful that makes one explosive noise on contact. Our testers hit every 2019 USSSA Baseball Bat. Weird.). For example, DeMarini and Marucci are the most popular USSSA bats. This bat, featured on the Little League world series is a bat that you don't want to get caught without. Bats that have higher price points tend to have larger barrels, more specific swing weights, and technological innovations that dampen hand sting. As always, our list above might help if you’re still looking. At the same time, the 2.2 mm FLEX cushioned grip gives an ergonomic grip to the bat allowing young players to maintain perfect balance and strong grip. What’s the right junior big barrel baseball bat for you? Get your Cat 8 Composite Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat today, right here at! With the advent of USA Baseball (which now also uses big barrels compared to the 2 1/4 they used to use) the term Big Barrel does not quite capture the differentiation. (Check pricing here). Verdict: One of the best pops on the market right now and such a balanced feel as well. You will know What is the best Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats on the market? Verdict: As far as the performance goes, the Easton S450 is unmatched. These rarely have any tech that helps dampen sting. The best big barrel baseball bat can vary depending on the make of the bat as well as the player using the bat. I have to say it looks pretty cool too, it has one of the best designs on the market and can be found here on Amazon. In this article we have put together our top ten picks of the best junior big barrel bats right now – and don’t be surprised if you see some unusual options in there. We are confident there is not a kid in the drop 10 ample barrel space that will dislike the 2017 Easton MAKO Beast. Verdict: With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, you can see why there was huge expectations for this bat to deliver and boy did it not disappoint! The drop 8 CAT 7, however, does. My 8 yr old son has a few bats I got used. Brute strength. Their composite barrels are designed to give you some of the best performance on the market. These bats use a performance standard different than USSSA or 1.15 BPF bats. It’s why, as far as we can guess, most young kids prefer two-piece bats even if they don’t know it. Hence, this bat may allow young players to unleash all the power that resides within them! 2019 DeMarini CF Zen Bat Review – Big Barrel/Travel Ball/USSSA. In terms of those particular bats, we think that the 9u age group generally prefers two-piece bats, and the Beast Speed Hybrid would be a decent choice in a 29/19. I dont really have much of a budget either since I’m using my birthday money. But, until they break, they do have the best pop and the least sting. One favorite of ours is the 2017 Rawlings Composite VELO. The bat swings well, and it benefits the player who has good bat speed. As it is a bit chillier in northern Illinois this spring, he get hand sting when he swings hard and I notice him letting off with all but the attack. If you have a budget of $100 and are trying to be the wisest, we suggest the 2018 Omaha 518 as the best value 2018 Big Barrel Bat. So, if all other things are equal, the bats will perform the same. It is eBay after all. The x-tended barrel design, combined with the new ATAC alloy, delivers the longest aluminum barrel, with the biggest sweet spot in the game. This translates to the bats being a tad different length and weight-wise than senior league baseball bats, the main difference being the barrel size. It is our favorite drop 5 bats, maybe ever. That said, if we had to choose, we really like that 2016 Easton MAKO. The order by popular brand goes like this: DeMarini and Marucci dominate the USSSA market. Those in the market for a top-shelf big barrel bat in only a drop 10 will not regret this decision. At the same time, the precision-balanced barrel on this bat provides a large sweet spot. You can see that by the size of the red DeMarini on the outer ring of the USSSA Marucci section when compared to the orange Marucci found on the outer ring of the DeMarini USSSA section. Marucci Cat7 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat. We chose the Easton MAKO Beast as our best big barrel drop 10 for its barrel size, balance weight, and high performance. Keep up the good work. Senior barrel realm, there are only a few that compete with bats longer than 28 inches. The difference between a drop 8 and drop 10, all other things being equal, is from 15 to 25% heavier swing depending on the model. This also allows young players to unleash their true power within. See our 2017 DeMarini Voodoo review. 1. So, a 28/17 (or drop 12 28/16) will likely feel right at home. Youth bat sizes generally fall into the 26 inch to 32 inch range, with a 2 ¼ inch barrel and a drop weight from -7 to -13. See our 2017 CF Zen review. For us, it was love at first sight. Sign In You are not signed in. If you are in the market for something unique and can find the right size, then Gold level bats are almost always good choices. Price. 11 Gifts for Baseball (and Fastpitch) Players - By Players for Players. Mako 29/18 and Cat 8 Comp 28/18, my son is not a big 8-year-old he’s a little over 4 feet tall and weighs in the 60-65 pound range. They're made with varying barrel sizes and weight drops so they're easier to swing, you can use a 30-inch bat that weighs 20 ounces (-10 drop). At the same time, the concave end cap is designed to provide a great amount of stability and balanced while increasing the power at the same time. In your example above, a heavier swinging BBCOR bat will naturally hit harder than a lighter swinging USA bat because of some simple laws of physics. It comes with a great feel, long barrel, big-time performance, and a price point measurably below other bats in … NOTE: There is a newer version of this bat called the CF ZEN Black The largest selection of baseball bats online + free shipping on all bat orders! If you want to go for something less expensive and cliche’, then there are many two-piece bats out there. We admit this choice is predictable, but how do we leave off what is probably the most popular bat off the best bat list? That is, a single piece of aluminum shaved down to offer a light swing weight. Here. The redesign of the Q4 technology features a newly constructed inner barrel yielding a larger sweet spot and a … I think my plan is to get him a -5 since he’ll probably be going up to BBCOR sometime next year. (Check pricing here). We live in the cold Northeast, and now I am reading it isn’t good to use some bats in the cold. This particular bat falls at the top of our list because it is … Huge long barrel, low swing weight per length, and a couple of other options: a drop 10 2 3/4 and drop 9 2 5/8. Since it is also approved by USAbat, it can be played in all of the major games such as Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, AABC, Cal Ripken, Pony, and Little League. 2019 youth USA and USSSA bats come in a variety of materials, including composite, alloy and hybrid. Combat B1 B1YB1. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As a result of this, the Easton Speed is an extremely lightweight yet highly durable bat. Did your favorite youth big barrel bats make the cut? Our platinum level bats meet the best of the best for almost every player. The Easton Beast won our best overall 2017 baseball bat award. That’d be our bet. Get the best deals on DeMarini 2019 Youth Baseball Bats when you shop the largest online selection at However, this is actually highly beneficial as it would allow the young players to hone their skills better. Here. We have hit with the BBCOR, Drop 5, Drop 8 and Drop 10 2019 DeMarini CF Zen. New 2019 ASA 98 MPH Softball; New 2019 NSA/USSSA 100 MPH; New 2019 Senior Softball 1.21 BPF SSUSA + Send In/ Bat Rolling + The #1 Trusted Source For sports product reviews. You can pick these up for pretty cheap too right here on Amazon. To your question, your only option is the T1 from True bats. If you aren’t looking for a junior bat than you might want to check out our list of best T-Ball bats while you are here. It comes in a 2 3/4 only but has a super light swing weight. We've spent considerable time with Rawlings 5150 line of bats. It’s our favorite day of the year: 7 Best USA Bats we hit the FARTHEST (2020/2019) Best 2018 USA Bats. Especially in the drop 5, we love the Easton Ghost X for many of the same reasons we love the CF Zen in the drop 10. It’s just absolutely awesome and a great all-round bat. thank you very much for the detailed response. But, in terms of popularity overall, the CF Zen is the top rated little league bat on the market today. However, big barrel should be discouraged among small kids who are aspiring to go pro because it may cause them to develop wrong swinging skills, which may lead to unnecessary big swings. Just because a bat has a handle or end load does not also mean it has a low or high swing weight. Whatever your level of play is, there is definitely some awesome options to go for that will help your game as much as possible. Old Hickory TC1 Maple. Those on a budget, or looking for a real value buy, should like the Easton Ghost Speed. But, our favorite drop 8 big barrel for 2018 is Marucci’s CAT 7. If you are youth player and you are allowed to use a big barrel diameter then Senior League/Youth Big Barrel bats are the right choice for you. But, we still like two piece composites like the CF or Easton Ghost in the drop 5 for that age group–they seem to really get a hold of them. However, Considering BBCOR bats have been around for quite a while, and many companies have created barrels that perform at peak velocities along their length, we’d bet one would have better success with a good BBCOR bat over a good drop 5 USA Bat. junior big barrel bat reviews - 28 images - 2017 easton s3 10 2 5 8 junior big barrel baseball bat jbb17s310 justbats, top 10 best youth big barrel bats in 2020 2nd edition, 2016 demarini uprising junior big barrel baseball bat 2 3 4 quot 10oz wtdxupy 16, 2019 marucci posey28 pro metal junior big barrel baseball bat mjbbp28, 2016 demarini cf8 11 2 3 4 junior big barrel baseball bat dxcfy justbats What is the Best Affordable, Best Inexpensive, Best Cheap Brands to Buy. Spent the fall transitioning to -5, now ready to make a purchase for his bday. We have also included a comprehensive guide that helps you pick the best product. This bat is straight ridiculous. You can also choose from a range of colors to show off your player's style. I wish it were as easy as some algorithm on the right size, but it’s rarely that easy. Those are also great feeling bats with outstanding performance. The Solo is a good pick. My son has been using a USSSA Easton Beast Speed Hybrid for the last couple years in a 30 and 31 lengths. Hence, this bat is more or less a powerhouse for hitters. USSSA big barrel bats are 1.15 BPF bats with a maximum barrel size of 2 3/4. As such, it probably does not deserve a strong recommendation. The Marucci CAT7 is constructed with an all-new AZ4X alloy that has undergone many significant improvements over the years. It’s also not inexpensive, but if any bat has a share on the top of a list of the best senior league or big barrel bats, we don’t know how this wouldn’t be anything but first. This improves the overall pop sound and also allows young players to deliver great power. Expect a smooth swing and a beautiful ping. I hope that helps, and, to be frank, it sounds like this guy will do pretty good with any bat. The flexible and highly responsive barrel design also results in a big pop on hit, whether it is a home run or a line drive. Why they didn’t make the list is a mystery, but it’s a top 5 list, and we had to make it shorter. It is, for all intents and purposes, Easton’s version of the CF. The only thing we don’t like about the Beast is the price—but welcome to youth baseball. Generally, platinum level bats are great picks, and for the right hitter, they are easily considered the best bat for them. Learn More. Big Barrel bats are 2 3/4 sized bats. They leave their second-tier bats to top out the space. After looking through many different USA bats and comparing the different features along with the cost, to me the best choice is the Demarini 2020 Voodoo (link to check price on Amazon). Top Cyber Monday Industry Wide Bat Deals are Updated! See them here. Moreover, since this bat is also USSSA certified, young players can use it in all of the big games that include Little League, Pony, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Babe Ruth, and AABC. Outside of the CAT 9 Connect that is impossible to find in stock, is there anything else I should be looking at? What All The Pros Use is supported by its audience. Every single player who used the bat sang its praises. Best 2018 USSSA Bats. Best Youth Big Barrel Bats in 2020 DeMarini CF Balanced USSSA Bat 2020. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Which of the bats would have a lighter swing weight? Grab great prices on the best 2019 youth big barrel bats on We try and update it often with the “latest and greatest.”. Score . DeMarini has dialed in the feel and barrel performance better than anyone in the USSSA space. This is primarily because the brand is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and performance in competitions of all levels. If you are looking for the best youth big barrel bats available in the market, you should first consider the following before buying one online: types of youth big barrel bats, how to choose a youth big barrel bat, and how to take care of a youth big barrel baseball bat. The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite bat is constructed with the signature EXACT Carbon materials which improve the barrel performance greatly and gives an unmatched feel to the bat. In part, that award rests on fulfilling the purpose of the drop 10, which the Beast does so very well. Granted, those two bats have serious performance differences. This is the standard bat for seniors. See our 2018 Easton Ghost X review. If you have read our other articles before, you will probably know that we love Marucci bats especially their BBCOR bats where they made an appearance quite high up on the best BBCOR bats list. It is probably safe to say that a top-shelf bat from any number of companies performs at peak powers. Verdict: Being one of the best USA youth baseball bats, the Rawlings 2019 5150 USA can really put up a decent fight with the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite. At the same time, the barrel design has been optimized fully for better pop and an extended sweet spot. The Easton Speed baseball bat features a 2 ⅝ inch barrel due to which it has a very large sweet space and a greater surface area for contact with the ball. So, if we had to choose, maybe an older drop 5 Easton Ghost? We originally had DeMarini’s CF Zen in the drop 8 as the winner of this section. My three sons prefer this bat over any of the arsenals we have, and the ropes drilled from this bat are remarkable. This swings, feels, and sounds a lot different than the two-piece composite bats that grace this list. There are not very many cheap 2018 big barrel baseball bats worth mentioning. Expect an end-loaded feel. All credits for this go to the ring-free multivariable wall. The bat has been constructed with the ALX100 aluminum alloy of military-grade quality. I think a 13-Year-old swinging a 31/26 is reasonable. This bat is known for the brute power it provides, and the giant barrel that makes it easy to send any baseball to another planet. Rank. This bat does swing a little heavier than some of the other models with a maximum drop of -5. Very hard to find at any level of a discount. 3. That assumes he can swing both bats at the same speed. Thanks. Review. The Marucci CAT8 is a USSSA certified big barrel bat which is constructed with the signature AZ105 aluminum alloy for great strength and durability. This bat is unlike any other in the VELO line, as instead of a single piece hybrid, it is a two-piece composite bat. While supplies last for 2019 bats, our hitters picked the Slugger Xeno as their favorite overall bat. My son is playing 8U USSSA this season. Based on popularity, the best youth baseball bat is DeMarini’s 2019 CF Zen. Moreover, this bat also reflects off a very premium look which makes young players look like they truly mean business! Such ergonomic hold allows players to balance each and every shot out, for maximum performance. The most comparable bat in a USSSA would be something like the CAT 9/8/7 etc. The bat has a standard barrel size of 2 5/8 inches, which is the recommended range for all the big barrel youth bats. If you are looking for the best 2018 drop 12 bats, and money is not an option, then the two-piece Rawlings VELO is a fantastic option. See our full 2018 CF Zen review. They user ratings bear this out too. The most important thing is that it’s comfortable and offers great pop. See our 2017 Marucci CAT 7 review. And, if you can find them, likely worth it at a discount from this year’s model. Just similar to how Louisville Slugger has dominated the world of baseball equipment and gear. There is virtually no difference between the allowable limit of a BBCOR bat when compared to a USA bat in terms of barrel performance. We found that bat packs a full-on punch, has a huge barrel, and swings right where we want it too. If you want something cheaper, then check out the 2019 Rawlings 5150. At the same time, the signature IonD end cap reduces the unwanted weight at the barrel’s end which increases the overall speed and control. Just be prepared for other people asking you to see if they can use it! Probably should have made this list: Slugger 915 Prime drop 5, DeMarini Overlord FT drop 9. In this review, we evaluate the Best Youth Big Barrel Bats available today. If you’re looking for a drop 8 in a USSSA bat, then that is your option. With the advent of USA Baseball (which now also uses big barrels compared to the 2 1/4 they used to use) the term Big Barrel does not quite capture the differentiation. He has been using a Demarini Voodoo One 29/19 USA bat, which seems to be the right size. Indeed, it is one of the best youth baseball bats in the market out there. *Rank: The bats are ordered based on their popularity. I’m a 5 hole hitter and I dont know what to buy between a cf zen black and Cat 8. That’d be our second choice behind the CAT in terms of things that are similar to the USSSA Beast. All in all, this bat has been designed while keeping speed, power, and high-performance in mind. The 2017 model, over the 2016 model, added some barrel length with a new internal design. This also dampens down any vibrations in the bat, hence allowing young players to deliver their best in the game. He is 5’6 108 lbs. The 2019 Quatro fastpitch bat offers players the perfect blend of performance, flex, and balance in a single design. Both the Mako and Cat Composite do just fine. We have dozens of players try our every bat in the market (even the small ones), and the Zen always rises to the top, or right near the top, of everyone’s list. See our 2018 Easton Mako Beast review. Sounds good! Powerful. With the 2019 DeMarini CF Zen big barrel bat line getting ready to hit the field, we figured you might want to know a little bit about the latest generation of travel ball bats from DeMarini.. Sometimes, too, they don’t quite get the same stellar ratings on player feedback, although they do perform in our exit speed tests, as well as anything else we measure for the given year. This bat is quite similar to the CAT5 and CAT6 in terms of its design. Rank . With a majority of the country beginning fastpitch seasons, it’s crucial to know the best equipment for the upcoming year. So, in theory, at least, a kid swinging a 32/22 drop 10 might feel like a 30/22 drop 8 is about the same swing weight. EASTON Typhoon -12 (2 1/4″) USA Youth Baseball Bat | 2019 | This baseball bat is also known as … And, turns out, it’s a legit option. Louisville slugger catalysts, combat pg4 and a Louisville slugger attach (2013 Model). Not a small feat. At the risk of being an Easton Homer, we follow up on the MAKO with the 2015 Easton XL1. Marucci have always been pretty good with their bats and are known for being durable and made of great quality. But there should be plenty of those for sale. 4 DeMarini Youth USA Bats : *ƃuıddıɥs ǝǝɹɟ : DeMarini USA bats have something for everyone. Today’s iteration of the Attack is called the Slugger Prime. Hence the reason the DeMarini Voodoo dominates the space. He has liked the hybrid feel of his beast speed hybrid but that only comes in a drop 10. No bat feels better and less stingy than the CF. Louisville Slugger Youth 125 Ash. The Best Top Youth Big Barrel Bats of 2019. It depends on how much dexterity he has with the BBCOR bat. Looking for the best youth baseball bats ever made? Looking for USSSA advice. The longest hit we’ve ever seen by a 13-year-old was with that bat. The first one on our list is a DeMarini CF Balanced bat; it is a Youth Big Barrel bat, which is designed for young players who want to perfect their blend of power and performance. Moreover, the barrel has no dead spots due to the ring-gree construction. Most other brands offer a drop 10 or a drop 8. No bat space in the baseball bat market is more competitive, save BBCOR than the drop 10 big barrel space. USA bats are the new standard by which many youth baseball organizations abide starting 1/1/2018. Hope u can help. The DeMarini Uprising is primarily developed for the young players who further want to enhance and develop their playing style. © 2020. If you have a youth big barrel bat in mind, learn how to take care of it first. I am guessing it’s because the old attack is a 2 piece bat. Under the radar bat that we’d put against the Zen all day. One notable exception, in terms of saving money, the 2017 Drop 5 DeMarini CF Zen. In particular, the CF Zen and the Marucci CAT 8 alone make up more than 50% of the total USSSA competitive league bat space. (Looking for the 2020 USA Marucci CAT review?). All in all, the bat features a very ergonomic knob shape with a removable taper on the handle. Bat Digest is reader-supported. We most likely earn a comission from companies we link to on this site. The 2019 model keeps all the good bits of the 2018 model while adding in a few extra changes for better durability, and performance. Under $75 are about the same. They often come in a max size of 26 or 27 inches and have considerable drop weights. (As a side note, it blows our minds that bat companies will produce two-piece composite bats in drop 10 droves and single-piece bats in every iteration imaginable, but when you want something like a hybrid USSSA drop 8, they are nowhere to be found. It is the Best Youth Big Barrel Bats available in the market today. But we’ll take a stab at it. Also for those who are in a bit of a rush and aren’t able to go through all the reviews below, here are our featured bats which boast some very impressive features: Ultimately, the big barrel baseball bat you want to go for will depend very heavily on your skill level and the amount of times you play a week. 2019 Cat Composite Big Barrel Bat Features: 2-Piece Bat Construction; 100% Composite Design But the big barrel 2015 XL1 drop 8 is the perfect bat for a heavy hitter who isn’t quite ready for a drop 5 yet. The new league has a barrel restriction of no larger than 2 5/8. Although more like BBCOR bats, which are used in the high school and collegiate space, these USA baseball bats use a more prominent drop (or lighter swing weight) to allow younger players success. The weight and balance on this bat is absolutely awesome and kids love it! Of the bats you mentioned, we thik the CAT 9 drop 5 will be the favorite. Kids loved its smooth swing, huge barrel, and how it felt on mishits. After a month of use with the BBCOR and USSSA versions of the CAT 8 we put together this 2019 CAT 8 Review. If you are talking about the official Little League, then the answer is no. Most bat companies do not take the drop 12 space seriously. Moreover, the all-new ring-free technology removes any dead spots in the barrel for unmatched performance. Bearing in mind how cheap it is right now (like this one on Amazon), it is an absolute steal. Not all bats are made the same. The 2017 CF Zen was one of the all time best travel ball bats ever made. The Rawlings 2019 Quatro Pro USA Youth Baseball Bat is also an ideal option for power and complete hitters who opt to swing bigger bats that produce harder hits. | MENU. My son is 13 and will need a -8 or -5 in the spring. There are many brands among these bats. In any event, there is plenty to learn from the chart, and we won’t bore you by writing it all out here. *Owner Happiness: Players were asked how happy they were about their bat purchase on a scale from 0 to 100. There is significant confusion in the industry surrounding the terms’ big barrel’ and ‘senior league.’ Each vendor often uses them interchangeably. (These are still hard to find, but check the pricing here). No Hassle Returns, Batisfaction Guaranteed! If they didn't, please leave a comment below telling us which USSSA approved baseball bats you believe are the best in the game and why. Easton USA Baseball Ghost x Youth Bat. It is as familiar in the industry as any bat has ever been. Since this bat features a multi-variable design, it has an extended sweet spot. Get the best deals on DeMarini 2019 Youth Baseball Bats when you shop the largest online selection at However, I did find this video below where they talk about these bats and a great way to save tonnes of money on them during a certain time when companies are looking to off-load. The reason he might like the USSSA Bonesaber is due to it’s handle—the barrel is decent although arguably a bit undersized. It is the most popular USSSA bat by a considerable margin. As a result of this, the durability and strength of this bat have been improved drastically. It’s also a single piece and has that sort of balanced swing and big barrel. Most importantly, it is USSSA approved, as a result of which it can be used in all of the major youth games in the United States. They usually miss the top Diamond level because they fall short in popularity or availability. These bats are also known as big barrel bats or Senior League bats. 2019 Marucci CAT 8 -10 USSSA Baseball Bat (MSBC810) Marucci continues to produce the historic Cat series at an elite level. Hope that helps and thanks for reaching out. Youth Baseball. The SDX EXT connection which is currently pending a patent maximizes the transfer of energy to the ball due to increased stiffness. EASTON ALPHA 360 -10 USSSA Jr. Big Barrel Youth Baseball Bat, 2 3/4 in Barrel, 2021, 1 Piece Aluminum, ATAC Alloy, 360 Precision Tuned Increases Barrel Trampoline, Speed Cap $99.99 Only 3 left in stock (more on the way). The Paraflex Plus composite is specially designed to deliver a massive sweet spot and great control. Having a good quality youth baseball bat is crucially important in order to perform well in any league. Since this bat has been constructed with EXACT Carbon materials, the barrel is highly responsive and has better flexibility. We’ve hit with them and think they do a great job of meeting performance standards. Plain and simple. We cover the 10-year-old question exclusively in the best bat for a 10-year-old article. It is best to ask first before purchasing a big barrel bat so it will not be a waste. Or should I be seeking out a different bat for him? The finely tuned harmonic dampening system on this bat is indeed none like others. It does not come in a 2 3/4 version (only 2 5/8), but we stand by our earlier claim: if you can swing it, you should swing it. Finding an ideal bat is very difficult nowadays because tonnes of bats are launched every year and all claim to be the Best Youth bat ever.. It’s a top-shelf choice for 2015. It may be alarming for many people that a youth bat is constructed with military-grade aluminum. (not connect). Nevertheless, the prime traits in which this bat probably stands out include better control and feel. *Player Rank: Player rank adds up how many self described USSSA players or parents think a certain bat is the best. Of some note, USSSA buyers and players are generally pretty happy with their bat. This bat allows young players to deliver their best, in each and every swing. So, you might do better by sizing down an inch to the 28/17 instead of the 29. The CF and CAT 8 are clear winners in the USSSA space. However, those bats are notorious for their durability. Loud. The all-new Easton Beast 2019 has been designed to enhance the performance of youth players by a great deal. 2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid. Without a doubt, the Louisville Slugger Omaha is one of the most highly performing youth baseball bats with a premium feel and since it is also USSSA approved, it can be used in all of the big games. That objective data, combined with a dozen hitters using the bats and recording their direct feedback, plays roles in determining the best big barrel bats. The DeMarini Uprising is the top choice off bats among many players all over the country. But, we do love that handle—especially in the bigger BBCOR and for the right kind of USSSA kid. Junior Big Barrel bats are 2 3/4 inch baseball bats meant for smaller players. The other part of the reason we think it is the best drop 9 big barrel today is that it is just about the only one. Stay away from a bat-like the Elite which swings real heavy for a drop 5. Sizing a bat correctly is probably one of the easiest things you can do, and if you can’t figure out one method, don’t worry we included three. The barrel is the right size, and the balance is manageable but by no means light. In order to extend the sweet-spot, the barrel performance of this baseball bat has been improved over the years. We took the 2019 Slugger 619 bat in a few different sizes to the fields and cage. DeMarini’s Voodoo 2 5/8 big barrel bat is our favorite drop 9 of the bunch, in part because the balanced two-piece hybrid is a fabulous smooth swing with that hot out of the wrapper aluminum from DeMarini we have grown to love. Meaning, usually, they lack specific sizes or drops. Since this bat is quite sturdy and stiff, it delivers a massive pop which is easily distinguishable if you compare it with other bats. Types Of Youth Big Barrel Bats. Best Baseball Bats 2019 – Top Rated BBCOR Bats. Expect a focused barrel and a super smooth feel. 95 Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -10 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat: MJBBP28S MJBBP28S 4.5 out of 5 stars 13 Platinum level bats are highly recommendable. We also observed what players tended to use at major tournaments and spent considerable time looking for objective online reviews. The company has produced baseball equipment for several decades now and has featured in so many of our articles especially in our best batting helmets guide where they are known for producing very durable products. Likes the Bonesaber (hasn’t hit yet), Rawlings Velo ACP, and Cat9 (loves hitting a -8 Cat7 this Summer). If you want a really good bat that you can count on, CAT 8/9 all day. Shop 2019 Baseball Bats at DICK'S Sporting Goods. 3. Both of these are constructed with the signature military-grade Alx50 Aluminum. The problem with the Zen has always been durability. Technically, a 2 5/8 bat that is NOT a drop 3 is considered a Senior Barrel bat. Depending on the rules of your baseball organization, Big Barrel Bats ffor kids are typically used between the ages of 6 years old and 13 years old. I thought I had narrowed it down to the 2017 Marucci CAT 7 but then noticed it is a drop 8. Granted, those two bats have serious performance differences. It’s a very legit choice for under $100. Youth Big Barrel & Senior League Baseball Bats Senior league bats, or big barrel bats, are a young ballplayer's first exposure to a big-league-style bat. Both the Easton Ghost X and CF Zen come in lovely drop 8 options. Free shipping on many ... DEMARINI 2019 CF ZEN BALANCED BIG BARREL BASEBALL BAT 31" $165.00. Buying the bats above can save you a few bucks. You can prefer an end-loaded bat but get a low swing weight by only getting a shorter size. Old Hickory Youth KG1Y. Oddly, the drop 5 Ghost X has a smaller barrel profile than the drop 8 or drop 10 Ghost X, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t rake. This allows the bat to have a large sweet spot along with a stiff feel. Those who prefer one-piece bats and Combat fans will be utterly pleased with this green monster. Popular companies like Easton, Louisville slugger, Rawlings and others make these bats. Since it is highly lightweight, young players may find it easy to swing and to control. This bat is the only drop 8 big barrel to make a list (although the DeMarini CF7 and Combat G3 both come in a drop 8). Today, Easton has become a household name in the world of baseball equipment and bats. We are big fans of Old Hickory bats and their youth models stack up well against any others! At 12U, he might really like the drop 8 or 5 if he can swing it. Am I on the right track? Gold level bats are also recommendable—although maybe not to as big a range of players. If it says Slugger, Easton, DeMarini, Rawlings, Axe, Anderson, Marucci, or Combat (and maybe one or two others), then you can bet the bat is legit. Today, the Easton Beast delivers greater area for an ideal hit. The 2018 Rawlings 5150 is a great bat in any size, and in any league. At the same time, this all-new system also diminishes the negative vibrations in the handle resulting in virtually no sting. This bat works well for both big barrel (2 3/4) as well as the new USA standard. This is because it makes use of the all-new AV2 Knob which significantly reduces the vibrations. The most comfortable choice on this list is the 2018 Rawlings VELO for the best drop 12 bat. 95 - $229.95 $ 229 . But, at a 31-inch, you could even go with the Quatro, CF, or META. But it gets such good reviews, and they don’t make 2 5/8 anymore. We tracked the exit speeds of those hits, measured barrel sizes and swing weights as well as detailed our testers’ feedback. Please be kind and assume the best in people while commenting. See our Rawlings VELO review. If you are looking for something lightweight but cheap and cheerful then you can’t go wrong with this. At the same time, the micro-perforated grip is designed for better comfort, improved feel, and a sturdy grip. For your convenience, we have divided our list of the best big barrel baseball bats into 3 categories – best senior, youth and junior league big barrel bats.. Also looking at the 2019 Easton Beast Speed & Beast Speed Hybrid (but a little afraid of a 2 pc as I am unfamiliar with these). With a loud pop, a large sweet spot, and great control, the Easton S450 performs like none other! The newer drop 5 CAT 9 Connect is a great bat, but they’ve been super hard to find this year. There are a half dozen or more great choices in this same space. Senior League Bats & Youth Big Barrel Bats (Ages 8-13) As a player grows in both age and size, youth and junior barrel bats won’t work anymore. You might also want to check out our best batting gloves guide where Louisville gloves are featured and go hand in hand with this bat. Have a soon to be 13 y.o., 5’5” / 125 lbs. That’s why the team here at has received feedback directly from players and coaches to comprise the following list of Best 2019 Fastpitch Bats. However, its durability was questionable especially given its steep price. Having the right bat makes all the difference in the world. Fun bat, good look and you can probably get it for a song these days. It also carries some properties that a user may like or dislike. The VELO drop 5 swings very, very light—drop 10 light so its almost weird. We’d guess somewhere close to 250 bats. The third ring shows which bat the brand owners of the 2nd ring think is the best bat. Collegiate teams that swing DeMarini almost always tend toward the Voodoo over the CF Series. If you ask me my choice, If i had to play Little League then I would definitely choose DeMarini 2019 CF Zen. But, in terms of eBay type purchases, they may serve you well if you can find a reputable seller and a good deal.). These bats are usually not rated for pitch speeds over 45 miles per hour. Goes the other way really well. The DeMarini CF Zen line of bats has been around for a long time. They rank out close to BBCOR players and just like Fastpitch (which are 79/100. So, you can have a glance over the louisville slugger solo 619 review to get more information about it. Marucci make beautiful bats and are top quality. It would not make sense to invest $200 on a junior baseball bat if you will only use it once a month and don’t play at a competitive level. There are several other great options in the big barrel space. Since the Marucci CAT8 is USSSA certified, it can be used in all of the big youth games. The green version is a boat oar at the plate with an ultra-light swing weight and a lizard skin grip. However, the barrel performs well and is considered one of Slugger’s top end bats. The at is dynamite for all the same reasons the drop 5 bat is incredible. If you find a lower price on 2019 Baseball Bats somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee. What are the best USSSA baseball bats? There are two main types of youth big barrel bats namely one piece and two piece. Perfect for making it easier to swing for a little one with the huge sweet spot. This page is read hundreds of times a week by several real and normal parents and players. However, the bat was deemed illegal by USSSA and several other leagues. Easton’s MAKO XL Beast, Marucci’s CAT 7, or the Voodoo Insane are big-time drop 5 options.

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