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preceding in a sentence

RELATED ( 10 ) on the preceding friday. According to Flint, 4 there were four men who in this and the preceding century seized and made prominent this idea, namely, Bodin, Bacon, Descartes and Pascal. Our past is preceding our future. But this instance is equally or even more inconceivable than the preceding. In the latter year the operations were placed for the first time under central administration, and thelike procedure wasadoptedin 1891 and 1901,with such modification of detail as was suggested by the experience of the preceding census. The average yearly expenditure for ten years preceding 1904 was $27,354,416. and 6 A.M.; after the same date no child under 14 shall be employed in any factory without a certificate of school attendance for 12 weeks (of which 6 weeks must be consecutive) of the preceding year; no child shall be employed without the filing of an affidavit as to age. [...] value, as set o u t in the preceding sentence, w it h the export [...] prices of the product concerned when sold for export to the Community. - c. inclusive, according to a general rule that all anonymous pieces are by the same hand with the nearest preceding psalm whose author is named; and Ps. She questioned how the investigation was proceeding and her pointed questions forced him to admit he was the prime suspect. How to use preceding in a sentence. on the preceding wednesday. The upper molars, which may be either selenodont or buno-selenodont, carry five cusps each, instead of the four characteristic of all the preceding groups; and they are all very low-crowned, so as to expose the whole of the valleys between the cusps. For two years preceding the conference eight representative commissions investigated the following questions: 1 The Statistical Atlas (1910) puts it at £5,071,225, of which British and American societies each find about £2, 000,000, and German societies £427,455. use "preceding" in a sentence In the weeks preceding Christmas, toy manufacturers do a lot of advertising in order to increase their sales. In 1901 the population was 306,501, showing a decrease of 1% compared with an apparent increase of 58% in the preceding decade. (note: each theme answer is a word that can divide into two smaller words--like dozen, do, and zen--and all three words are defined in a "clue sentence." The charges were based upon his inaugural address of the preceding year. When, however, we combine the preceding arguments with that of the early church tradition, the evidence for the Domitian date outweighs that for any other. A similar mass, separated from the preceding by a low neck of Tertiary hills, fills up the whole of the peninsular extremity of Italy from Squillace to Reggio. All male citizens over twenty-one years of age and resident in the state for one year and in the county or election precinct for six months immediately preceding election (except paupers, idiots, lunatics, felons, United States soldiers, marines and seamen, and persons who have taken part, either as principal or second, in fighting a duel or in sending a challenge) have the right of suffrage. Amongst Coniferae Podocarpus is common to this and preceding sub-regions; Libocedrus extends from California to New Zealand and New Caledonia; Fitzroya is found in Chile and Tasmania; and Araucaria in its most familiar species occurs in Chile. Examples of preceding in a Sentence. During the twenty years preceding the census of 1901 there was a fall in the death rate of 3.4 per thousand, of which, however, 1 per thousand is attributable to the decline in the birth rate, the balance being attributable to improved sanitary conditions. (Voice of America) Israel invadió Gaza la semana pasada, precedida por una campaña aérea de 10 días. 9.6), at least enables one to appreciate more vividly the scantier hints of internal jealousies during the preceding years.'. They were accepted by a population eager for repose, who had merged old class distinctions in the conflicts of preceding centuries. Blog Press Information. preceding in a sentence: preceding meaning in Hindi. David appears to be still at court, and Jonathan is even unaware that he is in any danger, whereas the preceding verses represent him as already a fugitive. Daux, in the years preceding 1869, explored the sites of the ancient harbours of Utica, Hadrumetum, Thapsus (Dimas). In the two preceding periods the rapid diffusion of literary culture following the Social War and the first Civil War was seen to awaken into new life the elements of original genius in Italy and Cisalpine Gaul. 3. Martin described the visceral and osteological anatomy of one which had been received alive the preceding year. Reference to the factory of D . on the preceding day. Preceding definition, that precedes; previous: Refer back to the footnote on the preceding page. 19 examples: The development of the larvae was distinctly prolonged, as in the preceding… I get cramps because our lunch is preceding gym class. Definition and high quality example sentences with “preceding” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. 1350), French bishop, was a younger brother of the preceding. The author anticipated the question in a preceding chapter. Jacques Bernoulli (1759-1789), younger brother of the preceding, and the second of this name, was born at Basel on the 17th of October 1759. preceding in a sentence - Use "preceding" in a sentence 1. These lines of research have been described in the preceding section on the apparatus criticus. The hour circle is also read by microscopes, and the instrument can be used in both positions (tube preceding and following) for elimination of the effect of flexure on the position angles. Hence his work, written in French, contains a far greater amount of original matter; and his personal observations made in many countries, from England to Egypt, enabled him to avoid most of the puerilities which disfigure other works of his own or of a preceding age. xc. The Montana series, most of which is marine, was deposited in water deeper than that of the Colorado epoch, though the series is less widespread than the preceding. Some of these things have already been mentioned in the preceding chapters . Get your answers by asking now. Preceding definition: going or coming before; former | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Third Series of Lectures (N.Y., 1852); then, based upon the preceding, History of Louisiana: The French Domination (2 vols., N.Y., 1854) and The Spanish Domination (N.Y., 1854); a second edition of the last two works, supplemented by The American Domination (N.Y., 1866-1867, 4 vols. Astronomers denote the year which preceded the first of our era by o, and the year previous to that by 1 B.C. In addition to the ordinary suffrage qualifications of age, sex, and residence, the voter must have paid all taxes due from him for the two years immediately preceding the election, and he must be able to read any section of the constitution or "be able to understand the same when read to him, or give a reasonable interpretation thereof.". But there is a slight delay in ignition, partly due to expulsion of incombustible gas drawn into the jet tube in the previous half period, so that the most copious supply of gas and heat is thrown into the quarter period just preceding greatest pressure, and the vibration is maintained. FIG. In the last sentence of paragraph 20, the word "therefore" was inappropriate, as the sentence did not, in fact, sum up the points made by the preceding sentences. —Andrea Dworkin (b. The collection is one of the highest importance as a record of the thought and poetic art of Arabia during the time immediately preceding the appearance of the Prophet. The lives by Hamon (1856) and Perennes (1860), without adding much to preceding biographies, are serious and edifying. The family have on the preceding days solemnly visited the grave, and offered to the shades gifts of water, wine, milk, honey, oil, and the blood of black victims; they have decked the tomb with flowers, have renewed the feast and farewell of the funeral, and have prayed to the ancestors to watch over their welfare. The external form was with him the essential feature of religion, preceding the spiritual conception, and in Laud's opinion being the real foundation of it. - Trophosome as in the preceding; gonosome, free medusae or gonophores, the medusae with large open otocysts. A candidate for the office of governor or lieutenant-governor must be at least thirty years of age and must have resided within the state for five years next preceding his election. It abounds with remarks of extraordinary fertility and comprehensiveness; but it is often arbitrary; and its views of the past are strained into in the coherence with the statical views of the preceding volume. - Since all points on any ordinate are at an equal distance from the axis of u, it is easily shown that the first moment (with regard to this axis) of a trapezette whose ordinate is u is equal to the area of a trapezette whose ordinate is xu; and this area can be found by the methods of the preceding sections in cases where u is an algebraical function of x. Sub-order b. preceding page in a sentence - Use "preceding page" in a sentence 1. The present study was performed in a tumor-bearing rat model, And the programme was a drama set over the day, Furthermore, in order not to disturb the original pagination, the first page of this footnote began 63 pages later than the, Two out of ten respondents said they had been a victim of crime during the, None of the sedentary students participated in organized exercise activities during the, A pervasive theory of structuration needs to be built on, Chiefly it was a reaction to a hellacious amount of travel I had to do in the, After several minutes, he heard the watchman approach, mumbling a song under his breath, then hove into view, his lantern, There were 1,703 initial claims by newly discharged veterans, an increase of 9 from the, We've also started to plug the next programme on-screen during the, The returns of the Registrar-General for this year exhibit a higher mortality from carbuncular diseases than those of any, If the company has neither increased nor decreased its dividend in the current or, In all other cases the vowel point is applied to the, In the second year flower initiation is induced after vernalization in the, He walked in a springy slouch, his thin frame forming a question mark, his gut, In profile they display a unity of composition and graceful silhouettes that exceeds any, Levi-Strauss turns to a problem stemming from his, The warmth and pleasantness of the riviera always comes as a delightful contrast to the sleet and snow of the, None of their family members had attempted or committed suicide in the, Ox-eye daisies, red clover, and blue-eyed grasses, cow vetch, bladder campion, all began to bloom during the, One of these matters was mentioned in the, There is no documented report of Virginia being placed into a mesmeric trance in the hours, For completeness, any month without a Beige Book is assigned the value of the, The success of this venture as a magazine serial, The facts emerged only during the investigation of her life, Everyone who wanted to sell as a result of the, This section passes through the four fingers, the thumb having been seen for the last time in the, Great disturbances in ballistocardiograms were observed on days, Sport, show business and ethnic culture seamlessly blend in New Zealand's favourite sport, rugby, with the haka, Many of them were written in crayon in David's clumsy writing, with each letter picked out in a colour different from the letter, It seems to me, however, that this chapter and the one, However, the final report in May could also find fault with the, Avoid headings that cause you to cross behind and below the, Otherwise, editing is limited to a brief introduction, Once you've displayed a page, you can view the two pages, There was no mention in the evidence of any explosion, So the relevant exports took place in the six months immediately, Ebrious moroseness, another variety of a state, The problem in both cases is that no condition can ever be met without the fulfillment of a, In my judgment the Part 20 claim must fail by reason of what I have said in the, Digraphs U often has the secondary function of indicating a modified value for a, Patients were excluded if they were admitted to hospital for congestive heart failure in the, There are a number of other achondrites that do not fit into any of the, An acetyl group was attached to residue 22 to mimic the, We used a slightly modified version of the questionnaire tested in the, This process takes many hours and occupies all of the three days, The axis possesses an ovate odontoid process for articulation with the, Some aspects of one sound may be anticipated in a, My experience is that the two propositions set forth in the, This practice arose with the change in value of the, All this took place in Cincinnati which was rocked by riots and violent protests in the, The company's shares had climbed steadily in value over the, One of the most enjoyable events in Bolivia is Carnival, the period, If we don't want this behavior, we can make a variable local to a function by, Initially he did indeed offer some respite from the repressiveness of the two, You easily can override the built-in time command by, The party finishes on Ash Wednesday, and J'Ouvert on the, Among themselves, women at the office never used a colleague's last name without, She suffered from insomnia and had made a number of telephone calls to the Samaritans over the, They have implied that my generation is aswim in a sea of branding unimagined by, A few of Celtic's players also looked like they had been burning the candle at both ends, despite a, Yet American Wedding unmasks something in his character that has been foreshadowed in both, For countries that had annexed territory in the, In order to peak for the Games, however, they reduce their training time to mere minutes in the days, This intricate sequence wrapped us around the axle more than once during design and testing in the years, Ties were broken according to each institution's multiyear APRs, which represent the APR scores from the, He mastered treeware, moved on to the analog technologies that the, More tears fell from her eyes and traced the, This daylight which comes in through the windows strikes a sharp contrast with the closed-in feeling of all the, In this case, we should put at the intersections between the rows and columns the figures corresponding to the required initial levels of, His invariant had been missed completely by topologists, in spite of intense activity in closely related areas during the, A few mineralized animal fossils, including sponge spicules and probable worm tubes, are known from the Vendian period immediately, The prize is given to the graduate or undergraduate student who submitted the best paper on an intelligence-related subject during the, I myself must confess to saying obstinant, inordinant and indiscriminant, with nasalization from the, In these undeleted glossarial remains of the language, we have witnesses to facts and conditions of nations long since past, and, He was the most prominent Pythagorean of the, Apnea duration was defined as the time between the end of inspiration of the breath, Cicero was out of Rome during the eighteen months, Yet Scorsese finesses this flaw pretty well by staging each psychological breakdown as worse than the, In the end, Georgeanne has a long soliloquy about what happened to everyone afterward, fiction even less convincing than the drama and poetry, On Christmas Eve, Christmas night and, to some extent, on the nights, McEwan novels often have formally dazzling conclusions that recast the meaning of the, Of the teams in the quarterfinals, Colombia had had only 20 shots on goal in the, During the play, players cards are not mixed with other cards, so each round can start immediately after the, Darwin's theory of natural selection needs to be placed in the context of the history of intellectual thought, It came into being because it is not desirable to drink strong matcha on an empty stomach and some sort of, Manhattan police began their investigation by asking area hospitals whether they had treated anyone with lacerations on his hands or arms during the, This was followed, between 9 May and 13 July, by 15 episodes of lava fountaining, which were essentially a repetition of those of the, This year, because the weather system has not followed its usual pattern, for the month, The Orthopterous insects distinguished by the, He also studied fractional numbers and learnt much of the impressive contributions that the Arabs had made to mathematics over the, Though there are similarities between Newman's state of mind, As described in the literature, the patient had a, Accordingly, when encountering an ironic text such as Map's, the reader must first recognize that an ironic utterance is an echoic interpretation of a, At the anterior edge of the fulcrum of the pleura is a small articulating process which fit into a socket in the, Additional complaints included increased fatigue during the month, Weather patterns are disrupted and clouds, rain and windstorms are common reactions to the eclipse cycle, especially in the few days, A pride of lionesses and their cubs appeared out of the bush, heading for the small pool that Glen and his wife Cindy had built the, Space is also not an aggregate of its parts but presumably an essential whole, In place of the linear progress through the ages of his, The Apollinarian games had been celebrated the, The Safety Board concluded that the incorrect rigging wasn't a significant factor on the, To set the scene, the company had been growing quite quickly over the, This had the coincidental effect of filling the room to capacity for the, No point in fighting it, though I do think it strange that both this and the, Because of the unusual pattern of speciation, Think about that for a second if after the, Almost all phenomena can, as we have seen, be explained by a normal scientific explanation in terms of the operation of natural laws on, A full-time farmer may elect for income averaging only if he was charged to tax on his farming profits for the two immediately, It is considered equally difficult to maintain that the origin of the Peninsular Celts can be linked to the, After the Restoration there was a purge of the universities, but much of the intellectual advances of the, Were you a party to any suit terminated within the year immediately, The holiday is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday, By the help of these discoveries, Angle culture in the age, Elamite commonly dropped nasals before consonants and presumably nasalized the, He was without authority, as the administrator in chief was without duty to him, for defaults or devastavits during the, Better yet, we may take the coalgebra of the, The solid black lines indicate that the data point in the, A colon tells the reader that what follows is closely related to the, The hard subject was more cognitively demanding than the, In some communities it was customary for ministers and priests to preach anticircus sermons in all churches on the Sunday, Eight of these serial constructions are repetitions of a headless relative clause whose subject is stated in the, The oldest megachiropteran is dated at around 35 million years ago, but the, The occurrence of a future state in a Markov process depends on the immediately, Characteristics of radiogenic lower motor neurone disease, a possible link with a, Some victims reported being targets of various scareware or ransomware cyber intrusions immediately, The snow which had been for some time waning, had given way entirely under the fresh gale of the, The clinical world has assumed that the A1C assay reflects average glycemia over the, Lumperism is very common in palaeontology of late, representing a legitimate reaction to the, The homogeneous crystal structure of this cast steel improved its strength and hardness compared to, The foundational texts of Manusmriti include many of these sutras, all from an era, Mississippi holds elections for these offices every four years, always in the year, However these norms are observed irrespective of the number of clause elements, Classifiers are sometimes used as count nouns, A special triangular colon symbol is used in IPA to indicate that the, In clusters, the preaspiration merges with a, In such an approach, the description of word order extends more easily to languages that do not meet the criteria in the, Cyrus also freed slaves and allowed all deported peoples who were enslaved by, Most Maya cities tended to grow outwards from the core, and upwards as new structures were superimposed upon, The Postclassic Period was marked by changes from the, Nevertheless, in 2010 the UNDP ranked Oman as the most improved nation in the world in terms of development during the, In official Chinese histories, the Yuan dynasty bore the Mandate of Heaven, following the Song dynasty and, Several scholars point out that unlike the, The Russian physics school began with Lomonosov who proposed the law of conservation of matter. A senator must be twentyfive years of age or over, and both senators and delegates must have lived within the state at least three years and in their county or legislative district at least one year immediately preceding their election. Son of the preceding. And he was not the only man to experience that feeling during those memorable days preceding the battle of Austerlitz: nine tenths of the men in the Russian army were then in love, though less ecstatically, with their Tsar and the glory of the Russian arms. Reverse the preceding exercise. The era begins from the first day of the month of Muharram preceding the flight, or first day of that Arabian year which coincides with Friday, July 16, 622 A.D. The answer to Word often preceding a sentence is: GUILTY The crossword clue "Word often preceding a sentence" published 1 time/s and has 1 unique answer/s on our system. Examples of Precede in a sentence. Ask Question + 100. Material same as the preceding. From 1871 to 1873 he edited the Atlanta Daily Sun, and he published A Constitutional View of the Late War between the States (2 vols., 1868-1870), perhaps the best statement of the southern position with reference to state sovereignty and secession; The Reviewers Reviewed (1872), a supplement to the preceding work; and A Compendium of the History of the United States (1875; new ed., 1883). That proceeding, in February 1806, constitutes the basis of the Continental System. The preceding summary shows the specialized 'nature which algebra has assumed since the 17th century. Unlike the two preceding movements, the insurrection of 1889 resulted unfavourably for the Christians. - During the years 1910-4, immediately preceding the World War, economic conditions in Austria showed no uniform tendency, for in many fields the signs pointed to a crisis, while in others developments seemed full of promise. The preceding political advertisement was paid for by the Liberal Party. Continuing his researches, he next gave to the world An Estimate of the Comparative Strength of Britain during the Present and Four Preceding Reigns, London, 1782, which passed through several editions. 0 0. was begun by the duke's conveyance, in the preceding June, of that portion of his province to Berkeley and Carteret, and among numerous changes from Dutch to English names was that from Fort Orange to Fort Albany. distinguish it from the preceding books with like headings, "To the Romans," "To the Corinthians," and the like. 0 0. died; in August 1561 his widow left France for Scotland, having been refused a safe-conduct by Elizabeth on the ground of her own previous refusal to ratify the treaty made with England by her commissioners in the same month of the preceding year. Supplementary to the preceding was the Nova litteraria Germaniae collecta Hamburgi (1703-1709), which from 1707 widened its field of view to the whole of Europe. It is necessary to remember that by astronomers and by some historians the era is assigned to the preceding day, July 15. A table of the atomic refractions and dispersions of the principal elements is here given: Dispersion and Composition.-In the preceding section we have seen that substances possess a definite molecular (or atomic) refraction for light of particular wave-length; the difference between the refractions for any two rays is known as the molecular (or atomic) dispersion.

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