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white clover tincture recipe

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white clover tincture recipe

I am a homesteader, homemaker, and former homeschooler living the simple life in the great state of Tennessee with my best friend and 4 kiddos by my side. thank you for your post! Red clover (Trifolium pretense) is the clover we love best. I think I have give it a try, thanks for sharing , Your email address will not be published. Advertisement. Three: Blood flow seems to be enhanced by this herb since it can help prevent blood clots and thins the blood. White clover is loved by the bees and is often found in gardens and yards. View Product Calendula Tincture 8 oz. Take a basket, bag, or jar and a pair of scissors out to your yard or wherever you located unsprayed clover. This recipe makes about 1/2 gallon of APL. They're both edible and medicinal. View Product Chaste Tree Berry Tincture 1 oz. Copyright © 2020 Homespun Seasonal Living | The Wisteria on Trellis Framework by Mediavine. A tincture … Also known as: Red Clover, Wild Clover, Cleaver Grass, Marl Grass, Cow Grass, Meadow Trefoil, Purple Clover Taking herbs in a Tincture or Fluid extract preparation is simple and easy. Tincture the Garlic for the same 2 weeks, again shaking daily, then straining. Yes always wash to remove dirt, bugs, deer urine, etc. My favorite way to use red clover is as a lymphatic mover to boost immune function. Our yard is full of dandelions and clover so my foraging adventures have been focused on those two plants. I'm Jess and I am so glad you are here! That’s about … I made White Sweet Clover tincture last year, and I love it. #3 I can use it with or without electricity. Harvest those white blossoms from unsprayed yards and parks this summer, and begin using white clover in the kitchen and home medicine cabinet. Liberty. Easy to follow recipe to make a tincture from wild red clover. View Product Cats Claw Tincture 2 oz. If there's something you want to use somewhere else either online or in print, e-mail me and we'll work it out. White Clover plant is considered Depurative, Tonic and Antirheumatic. Nutritional Facts, Medicinal uses, and preparation of wild Clover. Spread the blossoms and the leaves out onto trays or screens and let dry until crispy. This is definitely the perfect twist to our summertime tea. Measure out 1/2 cup of dried clover blossoms. Your email address will not be published. It has a light grassy flavor that is perfect to refresh and hydrate you on a hot summer day! You can use the roots as well; I read about it. So, you can see that the amount of eugenol in a tincture is 1/10th what it would be in diluted essential oil . Liberty. It is used as an Expectorant, Antiseptic and Analgesic properties. Instructions Gather white clover from your yard, then rinse and dehydrate the blossoms. Try the fresh blossoms in salads. 2007 - 2020 Kathie N. Lapcevic. Make a tea infusion to fight fevers and colds. This refreshing beverage doesn’t take the place of our staple Southern sweet tea, but it does offer a light and refreshing alternative if you want to switch things up a bit! Clip the stem just below the blossom for this recipe. You can dehydrate white clover by putting the blossoms into an electric dehydrator, placing them on a baking rack in a sunny spot outside, tying them in bundles to hang dry (you will need to leave the stems attached when gathering if you use this option), or by using a solar oven. $17.25. If you have never tried white clover, there is no need to worry! Almost immediately the color turned from purple to white. Use the leaves raw in salads or dry for baked goods later. However, White clover (Trifolium repens) does have its own medicinal uses. I found the recipe for this “extraordinary and irresistible traditional Christmas candy” in a treasured old cookbook “The Auberge of The Flowering Hearth”. Just make sure that the blossoms are completely submerged so that all of their goodness can be transferred to the water. Red Clover Uses. 2 or 3 times daily. Use them fresh or dried in baked goods. Enjoy cold or as a hot tea… If you prefer a hot tea, skip step #7 and pour the tea straight from the stove into a tea cup . More is more written about red clover than white clover, it seems. The flowers make a delicious tea and can be used dried or fresh. Add 4-5 ice cubes to cool this tea off and garnish with another mint sprig. Liberty. Check out this post for a step-by-step tutorial on foraging and dehydrating white clover blossoms. *If you have allergies, please be cautious when using this recipe. All our herbal extracts and tinctures are handcrafted using time honored recipes and grain alcohol. Generally, it is seen as a weed but like most ‘weeds’ if we look a little closer we can see that it has much to offer us. It was very timely as I was thinking on what to do with the mint from my herb garden. Choose clover in an area that hasn’t been sprayed and that isn’t used as a pet potty … Collect the blossoms. The vinegar is then sprinkled around the house to discourage unwanted entities. Make your own white clover tea this spring & summer! For commercial made tinctures the manufacture’s instruction should be followed. It was traditionally used to purify and cleanse the blood. This summer leave some for the bees but also consider using white clover for food and medicine in your kitchen and herbal apothecary. Remove the water from heat and allow the clover and mint to steep in the hot water for 3-5 minutes. A pudding made with white clover. Red clover is an herb used in traditional medicine to treat a wide range of health issues, such as hot flashes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and skin and hair disorders. Remove the water from the heat and allow the clover and mint to steep in the hot water for 3-5 minutes. I, personally, dehydrate only the blossoms to use in tea and baked goods but the leaves are good too. Red Clover Tops Tincture 2 oz. Holistic Remedies Natural Health Remedies Herbal Remedies Healing Herbs Medicinal Plants Natural Healing Herbal Tinctures Herbalism Natural Medicine. $14.25. by DailyHealthPost Editorial January 26, 2016. Place the dehydrated clover blossoms and the sprigs of fresh mint onto a flour sack towel, muslin cloth, or a tea bag. Gather white clover from your yard, then rinse and dehydrate the blossoms. Red clover (Latin name: Trifolium Pratense) has a mild sweet taste and cooling and moistening energetics in the body. Red Clover {Trifolium pratense} Family: Fabaceae This all-around wellness herb and blood purifier is a key ingredient in herbal blends popularized during the early 1900s and used in cancer treatment, including Essiac, Dr. Christopher's Red Clover Combination, and the Hoxsey formula. Thank you!! You can use this flour to make just about anything that you use wheat flour for. To get the highest medicinal qualities you need to start the whole process early in morning after the morning dew. i have a connection to this plant and only recently moved to a location it may flower in the summer. 2 cups of white clover blossoms (remove/snip petals from the flower head and discard any browned petals) 1 tbsp (or one sheet) of organic unflavored gelatin; 1 cup of water; 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice (approx. $50.40. However, White clover (Trifolium repens) does have its own medicinal uses. Here are a few of the most common uses. I don't know any place find it dried, I'm sorry. I searched my usual places and they don't sell it. Steep longer for a stronger flavor. I love to share my experiences, tips, advice, and encouragement with mamas just like you! In this study, scientists explored some mechanisms by which red clover can have cancer-preventive effects. Two: This is often used for children that have a persistent, bad cough. The tincture can be measured out in a small ml measuring cup, medicine cup or spoon, and the tincture can be taken directly. Home » Gardening & Foraging » Foraging » Using White Clover for Food and Medicine, Posted on April 20, 2019 By: Author Kathie Lapcevic. White clover is an excellent companion plant for red clover when growing it in a field for easy foraging. White Clover (Trifolium repens) has been found useful in purifying blood. STEP 1: GATHER Should we wash it before drying? Sunday, March 22, 2009. The tincture of leaves is used as an ointment for Gout. Herb: White Clover Latin name: Trifolium repens Family: Leguminosae Medicinal use of White Clover: The plant is antirheumatic, antiscrophulatic, depurative, detergent and tonic. Saved by Charlotte Silver. Liberty. A tea made from the blossoms can be used as an eyewash. I have dried rose petals for bath & body products, dandelions for jelly and tea, purple dead nettle for tea and tinctures, and white clover for tea, soap, and jelly. Red Clover Tincture. I have been wondering what I can do with all this beautiful white clover that I am seeing all over the place but I just haven’t taken the time to actually look it up. If you plan to use the leaves for another recipe OR if you want to use the clover as a garnish OR if you plan to hang dry to dehydrate, you can clip lower to keep some stem and leaves attached. It is introduced globally as a yard crop which is now common in New Zealand and North America. Make an oil from the fresh flowers. I decided to discuss it right now because it is just about the right time to start making more of this tincture (at least in SW Michigan) and it isn't a really commonly used one for most herbalists. More is more written about red clover than white clover, it seems. One: The isoflavones that are contained in the herb may help raise HDL cholesterol (the good kind). There are tons of edible herbs, flowers, and weeds that make yummy and healthy additions for hot and cold drinks alike. If so, what method do you recommend? Read on for my recipe for White Clover Iced with Mint and Honey. Just a note that the "vanilla" flavor is due to the coumarin content of this lovely plant, which alludes to its potential use as a circulatory stimulant and mild blood thinner. Place the 1/2 cup of dried clover blossoms and 2 sprigs of fresh mint onto a flour sack towel, muslin cloth, or tea bag. My kids LOVE to pick flowers, weeds, herbs, grass, and anything else they can get their little dirt-covered hands on so I sent them out to pick a basket of white clover for me. (*See Caution) Red Clover Trifolium pratense. [click_to_tweet tweet=”Add a twist to your summertime sweet tea with white clover & mint! Or try your hand at red clover wine. Cloves are no longer just for your apple cider or Holiday Ham—as it turns out they have an amazing super power! For a more detailed tutorial about foraging white clover blossoms, see this post. I prefer using a solar oven for a few reasons: #2 The oven provides protection from bugs landing on the rinsed clover. Enjoy! Clove Extract Stops The Growth of Breast, Colon And Liver Cancer (Make a Tincture!) To make a tincture of clover blossoms steep in vinegar for 3 days. The clover and mint can steep in a folded muslin cloth/flour sack towel (like in the first photo) or on top of a cloth (like the second photo). After the first day, the Clover had soaked up quite a bit of the vodka so I topped it off again. The vinegar is then sprinkled around the house to discourage unwanted entities. I loved your customized version of iced tea. $14.25. You'll need to cite some sources, please. All of the aerial parts of the clover plant are edible : leaves, stems, flowers, and seed pods. Red clover has been an Old World symbol for luck and abundance since ancient… Dosage is 1 to 3 teaspoonsful 3 or 4 times a day. That is the best time to harvest the purple blossoms of red clover. Add 4-5 ice cubes and garnish with another mint sprig. etc. The dried leaves and flowers are slightly sweet and can leave behind a faint vanilla-like flavor. How to Use Red Clover. Affiliate Disclosure & General Disclaimers. You can also stir the honey into the tea while it is still in the sauce pan if you prefer. Traditionally, Red Clover has been used as a treatment for cancer, especially breast, ovarian and lymphatic. As a tincture, take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon three times per day. Mix the herb and Garlic mixtures with approximately 1 1/4 cups of vegetable glycerin and 3/4 cup of honey. To forage for and harvest white clover for clover tea, you will first need to find a patch that has not been sprayed with chemicals. Steep longer for a stronger flavor. I often add 1/2 a dropper of red clover tincture to my tea when I feel like I’m fighting something, or have been exposed to lots of germs. Pour the freshly brewed clover tea into a mason jar that has 1-2 TBSP of raw local honey in it. Make a tea with a few tablespoons of dried blossoms to a cup of water, and enjoy several times per day. Gather clover from your yard, then rinse and dehydrate the blossoms. Your yard is obviously the safest bet because you know if anything has been applied, but you could also check with your local parks and/or neighbors if you don’t have any white clover popping up. How to make red clover oil 1. In my recipe for clove tincture (for babies), it calls for just 3 oz. Once that liquid is finished, the amount of eugenol in the actual tincture is under 0.2%. Recent research is supporting the traditional uses for cancer, ah; science is validating ‘old wives’! Red clover tincture: Use one teaspoons of tincture. Required fields are marked *. 50. for colds). Shouldn't be a problem for anyone just drinking occasional tea or adding to salad, but in large doses could pose a problem for folks who are already on pharmaceutical blood thinners. You can link to this site as much as you want, but please don't use any content or photographs without my permission. White Clover Quick Facts; Name: White Clover : Scientific Name: Trifolium repens: Origin: Europe and Central Asia. It also contains bioflavinoids, beta carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins, inositol, biotin and a high protein content. The medicinal properties of the herbs are extracted using alcohol and sometimes glycerin or vinegar. (Use the dandelion flower wine recipe, or my rose wine recipe.) Clover is surprisingly sweet. Instead of purchasing tinctures from health food shops, you can easily make your own by steeping fresh or dried herbs in high-proof alcohol. Store the dried herbs in air-tight jars. Ingredients. It can be used as a natural remedy in tinctures, teas, and salves, as a healthy ingredient in baked goods, and the blossoms and leaves can be eaten by themselves raw or dehydrated. Red Clover Blossom Extract from Enerhealth Botanicals is an all-natural herbal extract that contains isoflavones, which can help support the body during menopause. Foraging & Preserving White Clover Blossoms, 5 Ingredient Salted Milk & Honey Ice Cream Recipe, How to Make Homemade Winter Chicken Treats, Simple White Clover Tea with Mint and Honey Recipe, How to Forage and Preserve White Clover Blossoms, Starting a Homestead: 5 Important Questions to Ask, How to Make a 4 Pocket Pillowcase Gathering Apron, flour sack towel, muslin cloth, or reusable tea bag. If you are up for a little bit of foraging, you can customize your tea this summer. It was traditionally used to purify and cleanse the blood. Tincture the leaves to use as an ointment for gout. Its look good and easy to prepared.. Red clover is usually taken as either a tea or a tincture. (85 g) of whole cloves per gallon of liquid. https://homespunseasonalliving.com/clean-foraged-plants/. I played around with the clover and different herbs to put a yummy twist on this Southern summertime favorite! Let steep for at least 30 minutes or up to 4 hours, then strain out the clover blossoms with a fine … ” theme=”style2″]. Thanks. Created with only three ingredients, pine honey, toasted almonds and a pinch of thyme, it was caramelized down into a dark, delectable, chewy brittle known as Black Nougat. Hi! View Product Arnica Flower Tincture 2 oz. Red clover compress: – prepare a strong batch of red clover tea and while it is still hot/warm soak a cotton cloth, clean linen or a cloth in it. Tincture the leaves to use as an ointment for gout. . Alternatively, tie the blossoms and leaves into bundles and hang until completely dry and crispy. Made from organic red clover flowers and leaves, this handcrafted herbal tincture can also help support healthy skin, hair, and nails. An infusion made from the plant treats Cough, Fever, Cold and Leucorrhoea. Using Red Clover Internally. White Clover Pudding. $9.50. This looks delicious. White Clover flower & white clover seed can be used for helping overcome fears when living through change, breaking cycles of negativity & strengthen inner knowing & intuition. The infusion of plant flower is … « How to Forage and Preserve White Clover Blossoms, How to Make Homemade Winter Chicken Treats ». To make a tincture of clover blossoms steep in vinegar for 3 days. Luckily, I was able to get score some dried clover blossoms from a friend. Using White Clover for Medicine. Red clover is high in calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin C making it good as a bone building tea.The iced tea is often used to soothe menopausal hot flashes.

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